Information for Financial Professionals

Why would a financial professional want to buy this book?

To educate staff, to give (or sell) to clients. Or to get a quick review of mediation, collaborative practice, parental rights and responsibilities, or other issues.

Why would I want my clients who are facing divorce to read The New Hampshire Divorce Handbook?

Clients who know the basics of divorce generally are better able to navigate the process. The book highlights the many financial questions that come up in divorce After reading the book, clients will be more likely to hear and take your advice on financial/tax issues.

I'm hiring a new associate or support staffer who will be working with my clients who are facing divorce. Could The New Hampshire Divorce Handbook help?

Yes! The Handbook is a quick plain language review of financial and tax issues, substantive areas of law, procedures (both ADR and litigation), and the emotional aspects of divorce. The appendices include a glossary, relevant websites, and list of agencies to refer divorcing clients to.

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