What Reviewers Said About the First Edition
of the The New Hampshire Divorce Handbook

"Loaded with helpful checklists, question-and-answer sections, lives up to its plain language promise ... [an] exhaustive guide."
-- Camella Zarcone, The Telegraph, June 2, 1999

"Focus[es] on simple information and the concerns of family.... Tries to minimize the heartache and legal hassles for those N.H. couples who are calling it quits."
-- Stacy Milbouer, Boston Sunday Globe, July 18, 1999

"A 'user-friendly' book. Everything a client ever asked about a NH divorce and more."
-- Dan Wise, NH Bar News, July 1999

"The approach that Attorney Hastings advocates is one that minimizes conflict and looks to the individuals who are divorcing to fashion solutions that work for their own family. Invaluable for parents facing divorce."
-- Ellen Musinsky, Professor of Family Law

"Using this guide, I was able to take the lead in the divorce process and present a proposed agreement to our attorneys and to my spouse. The whole process was shorter and less expensive using Honey's guide."
-- D.W., reader of the first edition

"Vital information on decision-making, parenting through divorce, and personal responsibility. Emphasizes options other than a courtroom battle to help spouses avoid a destructive end to their marriage."
-- T.K., client in a contested divorce

"The Handbook echoes Attorney Hastings' philosophy that conflict in family legal matters must be minimized and that divorcing individuals who are able to create their own solutions amicably will inevitably reap important benefits for themselves and their children."
-- Attorney John Cameron of Laconia NH

"Concise, clear, and well-written!"
-- Attorney David Sayward of Salem NH

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